Some of the characters I´ve modeled and animated for "Perfil de Riesgo" , an educational , ( almost 12 hours of gameplay long ) graphic adventure financed by AFIP. 

Of course every character had one or several idle , talk and walk cycles and even special actions depending on the puzzles.
For Martina , the main character , right in the middle of the picture I took the model from Juan Caratino and  then modeled the "outdoors" outfit

I composed the intro and all the cut scenes of the game , with animations made either by Juan or by me , background paintings by Pablo Palomeque and Victor Fornes. 
In this project I´ve also animated and composed most of the background animations 
( I will post some of the work done on the Video page )


A small collage of images from the work I´ve done for brands before working in the game industry.
Other brands I did work for include Coca Cola, YPF, Yodora, Axe, La Caja and more.
In all of them I´ve done 3D modeling, compositing and animation as a senior artist. 

In this image: Hamlet ,Coffler, Tang, Dog Chow, Nokia, Xtra , Personal , Lynx and Beldent Power Mints