jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Asylum Gameplay Video #1

Take a look at the first gameplay video of Asylum, focusing on what exploring the Hanwell Mental Institute feels like. Dark corners everywhere and lurking shadows await you inside.

Here you can see how the player will actually move from one node to another, every node is made of 6 renders that the engine ( Dagon ) join together to conform a 360º view.

I´ve written several scripts for the 3d software to create the cameras, render, name the files and output data than can be then pasted into the lua scripts the engine uses.

sábado, 11 de junio de 2011

Asylum - A Tour Of Hanwell

In the next video are featured some of the places the player will be able to visit at the Hanwell Mental Institute.

This is just a small portion of the building.
As you can see is an ambitious project for an independent studio.
Besides editing the video, I´ve modeled, textured and lighted several locations, including the exterior of the building, the museum, the laboratory, the surgery room and others.

jueves, 9 de junio de 2011


Asylum is the project I´m currently working on, under the direction of Agustin Cordes (game designer and script writer of Scratches)

The game is a first person horror graphic adventure, set in Hanwell an asylum that had seen "better" days.

It includes 3D art from Juan Caratino whom I´ve worked with before creating and animating characters in a previous game called "Perfil de Riesgo".

Concept designs from Pablo Palomeque , who created Mate Paintings for the Oscar winner "El secreto de sus ojos" and music from Daniel Pharos , an amazing composer with a very unique style.

And of course it includes art from me, in a big way in sceneries, animations and visual effects.

Because of my skills I´m also involved in the management and the final "tuning" of the graphics elements to be integrated in the game.

In this blog yow will find some information about the game an its development.
But to share in depth details I´ve created another blog, at the moment only in Spanish: El Eslabon Hominido

I leave you here the trailer we made for Asylum, characters models by Juan Caratino and background mate by Pablo Palomeque.


Welcome to my personal blog!

Been this the first entry in my blog, I believe the correct thing to do is to introduce my self.

The short version would be like this:

My name is Pablo Forsolloza, I´m a graduate in TV and Radio production and direction ; and I ´m also a 3D professional animator and video compositor.
For several years I´ve worked on graphics and animations for TV and TV commercials ,at the moment I´m working on the videogame industry, which is something I truly enjoy doing.